‘Smiling Friends’: Free Episodes Streaming On Adult Swim

Since its debut, ”Smiling Friends” has dominated the talk among Adult Swim fans, but now Adult Swim has offered viewers another huge chance to examine it out with a free episode available on YouTube!

It first aired as parts of an April Fool’s Day special on Adult Swim a few years ago, and it was an instant smash when it was picked up for a full season. The whole season was released early this year after a long wait, but the new show has already been renewed for a season 2 due to popular demand, reports Comicbook.com.

Source- Smiling Friends/Twitter


Adult Swim is presently working on Season 2 of Laughing Friends, and fans may watch the first season for example episodes on the Adult Swim and HBO Max website. Adult Swim has released Episode 4 of the series of Videos for fans who want to jump in and get a taste of the series in a lot faster, easier, and fully freeway. This is the first season’s Halloween special episode (which also contains another holiday special at the conclusion of the season), and it gives you a decent idea of what the program has to offer. ”Smiling Friends” is currently available to watch on HBO Max and would be renewed for a season 2.

Free On Adult Swim

The series is officially referred to as such by Adult Swim “Smiling Friends” follows the workers of a modest business committed to delivering joy to a strange but vibrant environment. Michael Cusack and Zach Hadel co-created the quarter-hour cartoon series, which was animated by Queen Bento Studio.

Adult Swim debuted the very first series of the program in a single night, and it appears to have been a big hit in any case. Adult Swim mentioned ”Smiling Friends” performance with various demographics in a news release promoting the second season. Above the course of four weeks, fresh episodes continued to show during their normal timeslot, resulting in double and triple-digit increases in audience delivery over the previous four weeks’ average.