‘Shenmue’, The Unique Anime Adaptation

“Shenmue” is one of the craziest adaptations of the classic Dreamcast game. It brings the audience a complete wonder regarding brilliant screenplay and amazing story line.

‘Shenmue’ is very surprising

The amazing Adaptation of the video game is being welcomed by the audience. Filmmakers have tried very hard to bring an amazing story on the main screens. According to the creators they have tried to bring a good series to the screens without a big budget or legendary names. But again with such a big story and amazing game play one expects more than 3 hours of movies and hence taking it to the TV was the best decision.

The classic anime is transformed into a big series which is pretty amazing to acknowledge. The game came out in the early 1990s and since then it has been a complete revolution in the world of gaming. Not many games were able to make such an influence but this game with its strange storyline and graphics have attracted fans.

3 episodes are out now

3 episodes of the series are out in the market and it has been absolutely sensational to see all the essential elements that can boost cinematic experience out there in the series. The story starts as seen in the real game. We see Ryo who is a martial arts expert and is facing a hard time after his father’s death. He soon finds out that his father was murdered and we will see him struggling to find informations regarding his father’s murder.

If you are wondering ,Is the series worth its name? We can’t promise anything but we are sure of the fact that if you have been a fan of the legendary game then this is the best series to follow. The rich artistic style taken by the creators has made the series even more impressive to witness.