‘Sasaki and Miyano’ Episode 6: Kind Of Gay Or Not?

Navigating emotion is a crucial part of growing up and finding oneself. Several anime shows show the audience a glimpse of what it’s like to feel confused during the most developmental years of one’s life. The latest episode of Sasaki and Miyano shows us a peek into the conflicting emotional situation of one of our favorite characters.

Miyano Has Burdens

Miyano is in a tricky headspace, battling multiple emotions simultaneously. He is still coming to terms with the heavy confession from Sasaki in one of his previous meetings. He spent the last episode accepting that his senpai is serious. Miyano only has television shows to guide his journey through his sexuality. He also has to reevaluate his connection with his hobby. On top of it all, poor Miyano is dealing with examinations. His friends can not help him, considering their immature personalities.

Unfortunately, Miyano puts himself under pressure to answer immediately. He thinks a delay in his answer will make the sky come crashing on him. So he says it, but it comes out as an expression of his emotions rather than a straightforward answer. Fans of the show have already heard everything he says, but there is one interesting bit. Miyano asks Sasaki if he has always had a thing for men, and Sasaki declines. Much like Miyano, Sasaki has liked a man for the first time in his life.

Kind Of Gay Or Not?

The fans can interpret their confessions in different ways. However, there is more to their relationship than being “gay only for each other.” The show and manga may not represent queer relationships realistically. However, this anime will explore their relationship and feelings in the coming episodes. Unfortunately, Miyano has only fictional characters as his guide to queerness. So he will figure out some things independently.

Miyano and Sasaki are beginning to explore their relationship, so there is room for nuances. The anime treads the fine line between simple fiction and the complex reality of queerness. Follow the journey of Sasaki and Miyano by watching the next episodes of this anime.