‘Sabikui Bisco’ Episode 6: Tirol Is Amazing!

Milo and Bisco continue with their mushroom hunt, where they meet all different wacky characters. The episode could have looked better if Sabikui Bisco had paid attention to the quiet, character-focused moments. This article will give an overview of events from Sabikui Bisco episode six.

Tirol Is Amazing!

Tirol is the backbone of this episode as the audience uncovers her backstory as a laborer. She stares daggers into the eyes of the ones who rescued her, making her distrust apparent. She also proves her tech-savvy by commanding a helicopter. Her defensive layers gradually melt away as she experiences kindness from others.

Milo and Bisco engage in smug banter, giving a lighthearted vibe to the stern show. These boys are the definition of cuteness when they engage in friendly banter. Bisco uses some tough love to bring Tirol back to reality. However, it is the generosity of Milo that makes her uncomfortable. The three depend on each other despite lacking the basic foundation of any group – trust. The audience can expect Tirol to become a full-fledged party member next time the trio crosses paths.

Shrooms And Evolution?

The mushroom keeper’s field guide suggests that fungi species are related to different fauna. It could imply that the wasteland is saturated with fungi strains due to the symbiotic evolution bloom during the disaster.

The final section of the episode turns into a sloppy mess due to the battle with the disgusting oilsquids. The creepy pipe-snake makes a stellar appearance in this episode. It could have been better had Tirol gotten more air time. Pawoo also has a sudden appearance which may seem unnatural for the pacing of this episode. Milo and Bisco share a tender bonding moment during the arrow fight, which is a significant highlight of this episode.

This anime is within the first volume of the novel. Fans are not sure if it will get a second installment. The anime has adapted the light novel with all the characters and storylines. To find out more about the adventures of Milo, Bisco, and Tirol, do not forget to watch Sabikui Bisco!