‘One Piece’: Sanji Is Under Fire In New Episode Titles

“One Piece” continues the narrative of Wano, an insular nation, with Luffy & his Straw Hat Buccaneers facing off against Kaido and his Beast Buccaneers in one of the most epic conflicts ever imagined by author Eiichiro Oda. While the battle is still in full swing, new installment titles have surfaced online that give us a glimpse into the nearish term of the conflict, and it appears that Sanji, along with Chopper, Marco, and Yamato to mention a few, is in for some real danger.

Source: One Piece/Netflix

Sanji, like the rest of the Thousand Sunny’s crew, has adopted a new look to blend in with the people of Wano Country, adopting a considerably more feudalistic demeanor as he and his companion endeavor to realize Kozuki Oden’s aim of opening up the nation’s boundaries. While Sanji may not have performed as significant a part as characters like Luffy and Zoro, the Straw Hats’ cook should expect some huge breakthroughs when he faces the Beast Pirates. With Sanji still dealing with his past as a Vinsmoke Clan member, the series has grand ambitions for the bruiser before Oda wraps up the story.

The anime adaptation comes perilously close to capturing the happenings that are now going to take place inside the pages of its source, the manga, causing us to question whether we will soon see some anime-only content on the small screen.

In the next week of One Piece, the names of episodes 1010 through 1013 have been released, implying that we’ll all see Sanji do get into spider trouble, but also get a glimpse into the history of Yamato, among the most famous characters introduced in the Wano Arc.

Get Rid of the Ice (Episode 1010) Oni – The Fire Trick of Chopper!
I Don’t Care!! (Episode 1001) Sanji’s Friend, the Spider
A Turn of Events! in Episode 1012! Marco Flame of a Phoenix
Yamato’s Past (Episode 1013) – The Emperor’s Head-Hunter

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