‘One Piece’: Here’s How Wano Cuts Through Kiku

O-Kiku, a ferocious ”One Piece” cosplayer, is slicing through adversaries all around Wano! The Wano Country storyline in Eiichiro Oda’s novel has progressed significantly from its inception since it is now a much larger battle than was initially believed. The difficulties of both the Kozuki Clan were originally shown to Luffy as well as the Straw Hats during the Zou arc, and it was not until Luffy arrived in Wano that viewers realized exactly how long the warriors were stationed there were hoping to defeat Kaido & liberate their homeland, reports Comicbook.

Source- Netflix

Viewers have already seen the Akazaya Nine members battle Kaido in remarkable battles, but it was during the early stages of the series that enthusiasts really gained knowledge one of the most shocking inclusions to the staff, Kiku, who disclosed that she was indeed going to be an important ally to Luffy and Zoro when they required it the most, but also one of the foundations of the renowned samurai group.

Akazaya Nine Vs. The Emperor

Regardless matter how large the battles on Onigashima have grown in recent episodes and programs, the war did not formally begin till the Akazaya Nine attacked the Emperor. The Akazaya Nine attacked Kaido with everything they had, carrying 20 years of remorse and anguish on their backs after losing Kozuki Oden. It’s still being aired in the animation to this day, and it’s among the most significant events in the arc thus far in terms of attempting to overthrow a Monarch in order to convict their slain lord.

They’ve also sustained a lot of damage because Kiku’s destiny is up in the air both in the manga and anime adaptations of the story. The conflicts on Onigashima have resulted in some significant losses across the board, and it’s unlikely that we’ll know the entire extent of the victories and losses until the mayhem has subsided. Kiku received the greatest damage in the combat, however, the Akazaya Nine as a whole have been battered.