‘One Piece’ Chapter 1039: The Filming For Upcoming Episode Begins!

The first teasers for One Piece chapter 1039, as well as confirmation of the foreign release date, have been released online, reports ComicBook.com.

Source: Netflix


There’s not much in the manga business that compares to the excitement produced by a new One Piece chapter, even though it has been around for over 25 years.

Because of the raw scan spoilers, the legendary series has a history of trending on social media sites throughout the world many days before the next installment is released.

Thankfully, the publication date and time for One Piece chapter 1039 have indeed been announced, as well as the first small teasers from the raw scans that have begun to surface online.

Warning: This article may contain spoilers ahead for One Piece chapter 1039, as revealed by trustworthy sources via raw scan leaks on social media.

The Spoiler

The popular and always-reliable ‘OPspoiler’ page released the first small spoilers for One Piece chapter 1039 on social media today.

According to reports, Chapter 1039 will be named ‘Key Performer,’ and will include the following plot points:

On the cover, the Straw Hat team is hunting for adventure in a dark jungle.

As he begins to transport Onigashima away from the Centre, Momonosuke hears his name called.

Big Mom’s bones have been fractured by Law and Kid’s blows, but she can heal herself owing to the Soru Soruo no Mi ability.

Law utilizes the rest of his energy to assault Big Mom once again, an attack that is “so powerful that it impacts the entire island of Wanokuni.”

His blade pierces the earth and travels the length of the island, doing some damage on Big Mom but also creating a massive crater in which they are battling.

Law’s onslaught makes Big Mom giggle, but Kid then reveals his trump card: a giant electromagnetic cannon.

“Your era stops here!!!” Law is now yelling at Big Mom.

As is customary, additional specific details from the official raw scans are scheduled to be posted online by this Friday.

The Filming Has Began

The live-action television version of One Piece began production this week, and the Netflix Geeked Twitter feed posted two behind-the-scenes photographs.

Steven Maeda, the show’s executive producer, also uploaded two tweets on his social media profiles. “The Day of the Beginning…” was written on a Straw Hat keychain, and “There’s no place like home” was written on his manufacturing chair.

The motion pictures series was initially mentioned in 2017, with author Eiichiro Oda confirming his participation in the production staff in January 2020.