‘My Hero Academia: Vigilantes’ Chapter 120 Spoilers: Koichi Haimawari Moves Closer To Final Battle

“My Hero Academia: Vigilantes” Chapter 120 have some surprising spoilers. The latest chapter takes the spin-off series one step closer to the final confrontation between Koichi Haimawari and his ultimate adversary, Number Six.

‘My Hero Academia: Vigilantes’ Chapter secret

Koichi and Number Six struggle to the point that they connect on a whole different wavelength in Chapter 119 of the series. It’s as if they abandon their bodies. And now, they perceive themselves as children playing with one another, as reported by Comicbook.com.

This continues in Chapter 120. But instead of confirming that this was just a metaphor for Koichi’s attempt to reach out to Number Six in this fight. Further to the story, it’s revealed to be something linked to their eccentricities, as All For One says that they had seemingly reached a “domain beyond the singularity.”

More insights on Chapter 120

Finally, in Chapter 120, Koichi can get assistance in his fight against the fiery behemoth known as Six. First, he receives moral support from several Vigilantes’ side characters who appear to be rooting for him.

The only reason Koichi is still fighting at this point is because of a very deft use of his quirk, but it requires focus, which is quickly disrupted. When he’s dragged from the air by a weird fibre, he’s fought fiercely but is out of tricks.

Best Jeanist, the number 3 hero, who’s finally come with Eraserhead (Aizawa), Edgeshot, and Tenya Iida’s older brother, the original Ingenium, is revealed to be manipulating this fibre.

Clue between Izuku And Shigaraki

This is considered as a sign of Izuku and Shigaraki’s battle situation and handling. Izuku wants to sincerely reach out to Shigaraki and see if there’s a way to save him, as we’ve seen in the past.

Within the One For All and All For One power space, the two have psychologically bonded deeper, and they both appeared as small children, similar to Koichi and Number Six.

‘My Hero Academia: Vigilantes’ ties to My Hero Academia

Both My Hero Academia and the “My Hero Academia: Vigilantes” spin-off series are nearing their end. Some of these same heroes (such as Edgeshot) came at what is believed to be the series’ final battle in the recent chapter 343 of My Hero Academia, which featured an undeniably cooler moment.

Vigilantes releases and main manga chapters have frequently had small ties like this. When the main manga took a temporary break in January, it moved this chapter of Vigilantes back a week. This means Vigilantes chapter 120 and MHA chapter 343 are being released simultaneously and the pretty connected.