‘Manifest’ Season 4 Creates Suspense With Graveyard Scene

“Manifest” is coming back with a bang. After cancellation and hundreds of campaigns, the creators have confirmed that the next season of “Manifest” is on its way. Loaded with suspense and emotions, this creates waves of excitement and thrill with the recent graveyard scene. While no one knows who is in the casket, the emotions are sure to burst out.

‘Manifest’ storyline

The passengers of Flight 828, who have been missing for five and a half years and are presumed dead, are the focus of the series. They hadn’t aged a day when they returned, but they had all inherited the ability to hear Callings, allowing them to save others and themselves.

‘Manifest’ to air on Netflix

Despite initially passing on “Manifest,” Netflix decided to renew the series for a fourth and final season on August 28, announcing it on 828 Day. After the first three seasons were added to Netflix, “Manifest” was a hit, and discussions resumed in summer 2021 until they reached an agreement that pleased everyone. The season will have 20 episodes full of twists and turns.

Death is expected in Season 4

While there are a lot of questions about Season 4 of the series, the biggest one is, “Who is in the casket?” as shared by Netflixlife.com. Several familiar faces can be seen soberly standing together in a cemetery, tearfully looking at a closed casket in front of them.

Rake warned fans to “brace yourselves” when he shared the photo, implying that an emotional farewell would be coming in “Manifest” season 4.

Burning theory of casket

While it hasn’t been confirmed, it’s clear that someone will die in the upcoming fourth season of “Manifest,” which creates a huge mystery about who’s time is up. Saanvi, Jared, Vance, and Drea aren’t in the casket based on their presence at the cemetery as funeral guests. One of these characters may die later in the season, but they’ll be fine until the funeral.

The burning theory is that Grace is the character in the casket as she was brutally stabbed in the season 3 finale and presumed dead by many. However, characters like Ben and Michaela would be prominent if that were the case. Ben nor Michaela appear in the graveyard photo, and the same can be said for Zeke. But well, chances are less.

While the main character may die, this is surely a suspenseful emotion that all the fans are waiting to find out