Ken Wakui’s ‘Tokyo Revengers’ Is Approaching Its End

The ‘Tokyo Revengers’ is a series worthy of its huge name, and fans have appreciated Ken Wakui’s work throughout the series. It will be sad, but the series seems to be approaching its end.

‘Tokyo Revengers’ has always been about plot twists.

From the beginning of the series, the anime’s unique plot was the main focus that attracted so many viewers. The unique factor about the series was the fact that the story kept on changing after every few episodes, which was something to look out for. Unfortunately, the anime ended with an even bigger change in the plot, and we’re here with the biggest spoilers of the series.

Time for the spoilers: Takemichi is set to become a leader

Takemichi is one of the favorite characters in the series. In the last episode, we saw Takemichi meeting his gang for the first time. Takemichi was previously a crybaby, and he didn’t have the guts even to stand for himself. Things have changed, and he’s leading his bike gang all with pride and confidence.

Takemichi makes a big speech at the end, and every member of the gang knows they were following their correct leader after the speech. Chapter 243 is set to be released on February 22nd, 2022. The new manga chapter is set to be released in Japan, and you can follow the story by reading it. The latest issue will be out in Kodansha’s weekly magazine.

Takemichi and Mikey will be fighting as expected in the upcoming series. Mikey’s gang is also growing day by day. After his last battle, we expect him to be seen in “Tokyo Manji Second Generation.” Mikey learns about Takemichi and his gang, and as the sources indicate, we will surely see a battle between their gangs.