HyunA And Dawn Are Finally Engaged! Their Respective Instagram Posts Confirm

HyunA and Dawn, two K-Pop idols, appear to be engaged! The pair shared a new pair of rings on Instagram on February 3rd. Dawn’s post reads, “Marry Me.” In Korean, HyunA says, “Of course, it’s a yes.” (Pardon us so we can go cry happy tears!), reported Newsweek.

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Source: Instagram

The performers, who had been seen wearing what look to be matching gold couples’ bands, flaunted their new engagement rings on social media. Though there are few specifics regarding the design, the couple apparently replaced the usual diamond with moonstones, a gem as unique as they are. The rings were displayed in identical his and hers shell-shaped cases in blue and pink in the couple’s images.

Dawn’s hand wrapped around HyunA’s while wearing both pairs of rings was also shown in a close-up video. In the video, HyunA and Dawn are recognized for their colorful and unconventional style, showing off their tattoos and manicures. We can see HyunA’s tulip tattoo and Dawn’s strawberry tattoo, both on their index fingers in the same area. Dawn donned transparent paint with silver decorations on her nails, while HyunA had a colorful set that changed colors in the sun.

Dawn and HyunA used to be label partners at Cube Entertainment. In 2018, they chose to make their romance public, announcing it on Instagram as well. They quit their jobs to be with each other and later signed with PSY’s company, PNation. Since then, they’ve proceeded to date in openly while continuing their respective careers and, on occasion, as a pair. HyunA and Dawn just launched their collaborative EP 1+1=1, with the song “PING PONG” as the opening track.

K-pop fans reacted quickly to the news of the engagement and expressed their joy for the pair, including HyunA’s Instagram post surpassing one million views in less than an hour. Best wishes and congratulations to the lovely couple!

Fans of the pair expressed their joy at the couple’s apparent confirmation of their engagement and congratulated them. However, while many fans applauded the couple on their alleged engagement, others wondered whether it was genuine.