‘Ghost Doctor’ Episode 16 Spoilers: Major Surgery Going On!

“Ghost Doctor” was probably the craziest medical drama ever created. After entering us for months, it has finally come to an end. The show creators released new episodes every week, and due to the strange plot, it attracted a huge audience. Fans are expecting to see an amazing end to the series, and here we have the spoilers for the final 16th episode.

The Cast of ‘Ghost Doctor’ was appreciated for their hard work.

Kim Bum was the main lead in this series, and people liked his presence on the main screen. The two main characters were named Cha Young-min and Go Seung-tak. The entire story revolved around two young talented doctors, but on the other hand, they had different mindsets that were seen creating problems between the two. People liked how they tried to deal with difficulties in their own way and at last dealt with the problem together.

The medical drama took a huge turn when the tinge of fantasy was introduced in it. All the comatic patients became ghosts, and they started to wander in the hospital. Later in the series, Even Cha Young-min also became one of them. At last, only Seung-tak was left who could see the souls, and he tried to help people out with his ghost doctor buddy.

A lot is expected in conclusion.

After ups and downs in the series, it is finally coming to an end. The final 16th episode will be 60 minutes long. The episode will tell us all about the major surgery going on. We will also get to know what will happen to Cha Young-min after the surgery. On the other hand, Seung-won’s evil intentions will be exposed in the last episode. He will be caught, and probably none of his evil intentions will ever come true.