‘General Hospital’ Spoilers (February 7-18, 2022)

The new episodes of General Hospital will have several twists and turns. Characters will feel forced to make difficult choices and break some hearts. There will also be some heartwarming scenes. 

Sonny will think that Carly has gotten tired of him. He will be heartbroken, and his feelings will get the best of him. Nina will try to comfort him, get carried away. Sonny will end up cheating on Carly with Nina. Carly will quickly discover about the infidelity and lecture both Sonny and Nina. Carly gets divorced, Maxie listens to Peter.

Maxie will find out about the kidnapping incident, causing her to make a significant decision. Unfortunately, Peter will try to control the situation leading to a bigger problem than before. Sam will feel doubtful and question the decisions made during the episode. Terry will have to prepare for something. Many people will decide that they have had enough of Peter and put their foot down. 

We will continue in the week of February 14-18, 2022. On Valentine’s Day, many Port Charles residents will embark on a ride of love, celebrating the event. Molly and TJ will spend some quality time together, basking in their company. Ava will make herself comfortable with Nikolas. Portia and Curtis will also shell out some time for each other. The day of celebrating love will bring a lot of joy to several people in the show. 

Impatience will start to plague the relationship of Willow and Michael. It will eventually lead to a new storyline. Brook will feel upset and disturbed about the kidnapping and lean on Chase for emotional support. According to the spoilers, the show will revisit an exciting storyline. Port Charles residents will also have to deal with an unexpected heatwave that will cause a whole lot of distress. The series may visit the weather machine storyline of Victor. He may get his hands on Ice Princess, and everyone knows it never ends well. 

To see the whole story, watch General Hospital. Some drama is about to unfold in our favorite show with some much-needed new storylines.