‘Euphoria’ New Episode Comes As A Big Surprise To The Fans

The New Episode of “Euphoria” is titled “The Theater and Its Double,” and fans are going crazy with the special episode. But, on the other hand, if you have been a Fezco fan, then this episode might leave you surprised.

A lot to see in ‘Euphoria’s New Episode

In the newest episode of the second season of “Euphoria, “we get to see Lexi taking charge. Earlier fans were very disappointed by her role in the series, but finally, the creators have shared moments where Lexi is seen intimate with people close to her. Even our favorite Lexi is seen in a hilarious situation where she encounters Nate.

On the other hand, Rue and Jules are stuck in the bathroom, and the situation is getting very awkward. In the episode, one can be sure that she is still not very happy about what Jules and Elliot did. But if you have been a fan of their sweet romantic on and off the relationship, then here is some good news for you. While they exit the bathroom, Rue turns and looks in the direction of Jules and gives him a “sup?” Naturally, this came as a shock to Jules, and before he could react to the situation, she exited the bathroom.

It is an end for Cassie and Nate.

The fans did not welcome Cassie’s actions, and they wanted Nate to get away from the toxic relationship. So finally, the moment is here. If you like Nate, then be ready to see some action from his side. In the latest episode, he will ask Cassie to pack up her bags and leave as soon as possible. Hence it seems like an end for Cassie and Nate.

Moreover, fans are happy, and Cassie probably gets what she deserves. On the other hand, Fezco doesn’t play a role in Lexi’s play; hence the new episode lets the audience down in moments.