‘Dragon Ball Super’: Goku vs. Gas Fight Continues

The wait is finally over, and “Dragon Ball Super” has again started with a special fight between Goku and Gas. The newest chapter of the series will boost things going on in the Dragon Ball super.

Granolah, the Survivor arc to appear on ‘Dragon Ball Super.’

According to the sources, Granolah, the Survivor arc could be expected at any time this year, and hence we will also get to know about the final victory. In the recent chapter, we saw that Granolah is the only one that is left on the battlefield who has the energy and capacity to defeat Gas. We Expected that he would be the one who would finish the fight. But on the other hand, the series took a lot of turns, and it is all again on Goku’s shoulders.

Heeter has risen again. He is back with considerable powers and will be seen at a different level. It all happened because of the combination of the grants given by the Dragon Balls and the power which he inherited. This power was awakened by Gas, as seen in the previous chapter. This might be too much to handle; hence it all comes back to Goku and his powers to defeat Gas and his team.

Gas claims that he is stronger now.

With the combination of his powers, Gas has grown a lot stronger, and he is aware of all the hidden powers. Vegeta transfers all his powers to Goku, and now we are expecting that Goku will be the one who will be fighting Gas as our last hope. Gas demonstrates his abilities and shows how stronger he has become after the power transfer. On the other hand, Goku uses his mental ability to tackle these huge power strokes. Hence Goku was still without any major damage, which is a good thing for our Hero.