‘Dragon Ball Super’: Gohan’s New Look Surprises Fans

We’ve all seen Son Gohan’s development throughout the course of “Dragon Ball Z” and “Dragon Ball Super.” The creators are back with a fresh look of Son Gohan in the new release. As per the sources, the next film will focus on Son Gohan instead of Goku and Vegeta.

Gohan is back in ‘Dragon Ball Super.’

Gohan will be taking center stage, and he is coming back to fight the newly formed Red ribbon army. In the upcoming series, he’ll don a brand-new look and play a major role. The news has given the fans of “Dragon Ball Super” something to cheer up. Previously Gohan was seen in the sequel series where he was introduced as a Z fighter, but he discontinued his training and realized he needed to gain his power from the basic level to protect the earth and his family.

Gohan was seen training with Piccolo.

During Gohan’s training with the legendary Piccolo, we saw how he was once again able to capture his own talents. In the Moro Arc, we expect Gohan to play a significant role. Along with Gohan and Piccolo, we’ll be discovering new tag team attacks in this series.

While the new look of Gohan is out, people have started sharing new merchandise from the “Dragon Ball Super: SuperHero” series. It has been reported that various characters from the Shonen Series will make cameo appearances and new entries in the series. On the other hand, we are quite sure that in the upcoming movie, we will be seeing Gohan in his Super Saiyan form. This form of Gohan is his ultimate form which he used while going through the tournament of power.

The superhero’s ultimate form, according to experts, will grant him additional abilities, which is going to be very exciting to watch. A new round of combat has begun, however, pitting Goku’s son against the Red Ribbon Army! The upcoming movie promises to give action-packed drama along with a new look of our favorite character Gohan.