‘Dragon Ball Super’ Chapter 81 Spoiler Alert Is Here

“Dragon Ball Super” is one of the most-watched series. Loaded with some amazing twists, the upcoming chapter will surprise you with the power of Gas but some of the unhappening events for Granolah. The raw scan of the series reveals the rising heat between Gas and Granolah.

‘Dragon Ball Super’ chapter 81 suspense

After the series uploaded the shocking conclusion to Gas vs Granolah, it hyped fans’ excitement. After a rage, Gas regained control as his elder brother Elec told him to annihilate all those who stood in his way in “Dragon Ball Super” Chapter 80.

That means that, while Gas appears to be getting stronger with each new chapter, Goku and the others are getting closer to defeating him and the other Heeters. Granolah, on the other hand, isn’t doing so well right now.

The latest chapter of the series picks up right after Gas awakened, where he has the Dragon Balls to help him. Also, his inherent power as a Heeter has been seemingly harnessed to take him to a godly new level. Granolah is dealing with some pretty bad injuries as he tries to contend with Gas as the only fighter who can continue to stand up to such a threat. He’s easily tossed around and beaten, making him weak.

The deadly Granolah vs Elec fight

After making his way to the battlefield in the previous chapter, Granolah heads straight for Elec. The fight becomes even more brutal after being caught by Gas. Granolah’s attacks are easily deflected or dodged by Gas. Gas breaks both of his arms before blinding him as he tries to blast Elec. Granolah falls right in front of Elec, far from the end.

Elec then grabs him and uses his laser gun to shoot him in the head, puncturing such a large hole that Granolah appears dead. Thankfully, Monaito arrived in time to heal Granolah, but he’s not in fighting shape. It’s now up to Goku to end the battle for good.

Is it still possible for Granolah to rejoin the fight? “Dragon Ball Super” is yet to reveal with sharp twists and turns.