‘Dr Stone’: The Entire Concept Explained

There is some interesting news about “Dr. Stone” and the main villain of the series has revealed why he decided to turn the earth into stone.

New revelation on ‘Dr. Stone’

The main villain of the series has at last revealed why the entire earth was converted into stone in the first place. After the special final arc of Riichiro Inagak the stone to space part was launched which actually gained a lot of audience for the series.

As per the looks, we can confirm that the series is proceeding towards its end and there is a high possibility things might not go as expected. Medusas was seen as a parasitic force approaching Earth with its artificial intelligence in order to destroy the entire universe. According to the creators, this event had a major impact on why the earth was turned into stone.

It helped intelligent life to understand eternal life.

Their evil intelligence was the one responsible for turning the Earth into stone. According to the sources, the earth was turned into stone just to help intelligent life understand all about eternal life. The cycle goes on and things get worse as we see in the series. In Chapters 229-230 we see that Medusas explains it all to the viewers how they tested the created intelligent life. They wanted to see how humanity would react to it. He says that humanity was also one of the species and they also recognized the fact that such power can keep them alive forever.

This is why Meduas was seen asking humanity the question of death and life. The series revolved around numerous events which were actually amazing to witness. The humans ignored the mighty Meduas at first but further, we see in the series that things get very problematic and the decision becomes hard.