‘Demon Slayer’: Without Nezuko, Only Shinobu Kocho Could’ve Survived Gyutaro

Tengen Uzui of ”Demon Slayer” deserved a lot of support to defeat Gyutaro, notwithstanding his amazing power and valiant actions. The Upper-Rank Six demon showed to be a tough opponent in the “Entertainment District” arc, almost taking the life of one Hashira outside the dead. Although Nezuko’s Crimson Demon Art rescued the Sound Hashira’s life, Gyutaro’s lethal poison was on its way to killing Tengen. Tengen could have been the 16th Hashira to die fighting Gyutaro if Nezuko hadn’t intervened, and the 23rd Hashira to enter Yoshiwara and never return if Nezuko hadn’t intervened, reports CBR.

Source- Netflix


Since Tengen thinks himself to be among the weakest Hashira, there’s no reason to suppose that the majority of most of us would have performed any well against Gyutaro.

Tengen’s Fight With Gyomei Himejima

Tengen’s first thought when considering tremendous fighters was Gyomei Himejima, while Muichiro Tokito is so gifted that he’s become a Hashira in just two months.

As a result, it’s reasonable to assume that these Hashira, who may be worlds stronger than Tengen, may have destroyed Gyutaro. It seems considerably less probable that they, or anybody else, will be able to destroy him without even sustaining a single scratch, which is all it needs for his lethal venom to take hold.

Shinobu Kocho The Toxin Expert

Shinobu Kocho is a toxin expert who was seen carrying several antivenoms with her in ”Demon Slayer’s” “Natagumo Mountain” arc. Even if Gyomei or Muichiro had vanquished Gyutaro, they would have been powerless against his poison. Gyutaro would have never progressed to the Upper Ranks if he’d been eliminated without injuring his adversary even once. Given that Tengen’s poison tolerance wasn’t enough to help him escape Gyutaro’s, anyone else Hashira outside Shinobu who was even pinched by Gyutaro would’ve been doomed.

Wisteria venom is a demon’s worst nightmare, a toxin designed to kill them in huge doses. Gyutaro had incredibly poor sensitivity for it, and a tiny quantity on the tip of a Kunai rendered him useless. Even if Gyutaro and Shinobu battled and poisoned one other, the former will most probably be able to heal herself, whereas a large dose of Blossom was enough to murder an Upper-Rank.