‘Day Of Our Lives’ Spoilers (February 21-25, 2022)

The “Days Of Our Lives” spoilers suggest that the week will be full of discoveries. The series will hit the fans with a blast as Kayla and Steve will feel suspicious about Sarah. Jake and Gabi will have to confront some problems, and Paulina will approach Abe for help.

Feb 21-25 episodes

Kayla and Steve roam around town after getting out of the storm shelter. The couple will stumble across Sarah and suspect has strange behaviour. Spoilers suggest an upcoming twist that Kristen has manipulated Sarah into thinking she is protecting her. She believes everything Kristen tells her due to her altered mental state.

Ciara and Ben feel worried because the cross outside the new apartment does not stay in its position. Ben will try to fix it many times, but it will keep turning upside down. Ciara and Ben cannot figure out that it is because of the hex of Johnny DiMera. They will approach Julie and talk to her about it. They will suspect that the devil is back in Salem without knowing Johnny is behind everything.

TR, Paulina, And Abe

TR returns, causing Paulina to get a bad feeling about it. TR wants to be in Lani’s life and is willing to do everything to achieve that goal. Paulina will think of it as a threat rather than a promise. Paulina will get worried about the situation and explain it to Abe, hoping to find the solution. Abe and Paulina will work together to keep TR away from Lani.

EJ And Clyde

EJ will meet someone at Statesville, and things will get ugly. The spoilers suggest that his cellmate will be Clyde Weston, reports Soaps.com. EJ will get angry that he has to share a room with Clyde. On the other hand, Rafe will team with Nicole after getting out of prison.

There will be some trouble in their relationship. Jake and Gabi will find that the devil wants to break them apart. Gabi will set a trap for Jake unknowingly. Johnny will make her trick Jake.

The couple will face a lot of manipulation from Johnny. Will the characters be free from the spell of the devil? Watch the “Days Of Our Lives” to find out!