‘Criminal Minds’ Season 4’s Creepiest Unsub

Police and crime routine series are plentiful these days, with many failing to separate in an exceedingly saturated market. Now and then, though, someone will discover a way to portray the genre’s essential concepts in a fresh, exciting way.

Take, for example, creator Jeff Davis’ “Criminal Minds,” which premiered in late September 2005 and was so popular that it was renewed for a ten-episode second season as well as a truthful documentary series, “The Real Criminal Minds,” on Paramount Plus, reports Looper.com.

“Criminal Minds” follows a team of FBI detectives, notably from the Behavioral Assessment Unit, as they work together to discover and capture people who are responsible for a variety of crimes.

Killers, con artists, and everyone in between are among the unsubs (unknown subjects), but they’re usually no match for the BAU squad. That isn’t to imply that bringing these people to justice will be simple, particularly when it comes to the more heinous incidents. These appear in every episode of the program, albeit some are significantly more difficult to understand than others.

Danny Murphy: Terrifyingly Chilly Demeanor

Danny Murphy, a 9 child who enjoys making model planes and frequently goes into fits of wrath, was presented to “Criminal Minds” fans in Series 4’s “A Shade of Gray.” Danny’s unbridled rage led to the murder of his younger brother, Kyle, who’d already accidentally damaged one of Danny’s aircraft one evening. Concerned about losing Danny so soon following he murdered Kyle, his parents attempted but failed, to persuade investigators that he had nothing to with it.

Season 4 of “Criminal Minds” had a slew of unsubs, however, Danny Murphy takes the biscuit. Not only is a child killer inherently uncomfortable, but his cool indifference to Kyle’s death adds an extra dimension of creepiness that’s difficult to ignore. Not to mention the fact that he smothered his younger brother with shattered plane pieces, proving without a shadow of a doubt that Kyle was not killed by mistake. Consider what he could have done as an adult if he hadn’t been caught.

Murphy made such an effect on the “Criminal Minds” community that he was included in a topic discussing the scariest unsubs by a few Redditors. IsMyNameGage said, “I believe the IDEA of that one child killing his sibling with one of its toys is terrifying,” and Ajade77 added, “That the one BREAKS my heart because it is frightening what all that kid may develop into but he seemed to live a very happy life, unlike many other unsubs who grew up tragically.”

Danny Murphy isn’t the most iconic or physically intimidating unsub in “Criminal Minds” history, but his actions and manner in “A Shade of Gray” make him the season for example scariest character.