‘Black Clover’: The Name And Identity Of The Most Mysterious Devil Revealed!

”Black Clover” has now revealed the identity of the strange devil that appeared beside Lucifero in the human realm. With the latest chapter, the Spade Kingdom Raid arc of Yuki Tabata’s real manga series reaches its conclusion, as Asta and the others struggle to defeat the Supreme Devil, Lucifero. After years of building up, the chapters have demonstrated just how powerful this devil is, but it was evident right away that he wasn’t the first new devil to contend with when he appeared in the human realm with an unknown devil who has yet to join the action.


Source- Black Clover/Twitter

This new demon was not only a mystery figure since they had been standing back as Lucifero continued to battle Asta and the others, but it was even more enigmatic because this devil had yet to be identified. There’s still a lot to learn about who this demon is and what they want from people, but it’s gotten a lot clearer with the revelation in the last chapter how this devil’s identity is Adrammelech, and that he appears to be on a lower level in the abyss than Lucifero. But it’s also fascinating reports Comic Book.

Asta Returns

Asta returns to the fight in Chapter 322 of the series, among the other Captains who still are capable of making any type of maneuver. Their reluctance to give today following being much inferior is starting to irritate Lucifero, who just wants to kill Asta at whatever cost, so he attempts to persuade Adrammelech to join the Captains’ fight instead. Adrammelech, on the other hand, promptly rejects him, claiming that it’s much more entertaining to watch Lucifero battle. As a result, it begs the question of the two demons.

There’s still a lot we don’t know about how devils are positioned in the abyss, and while Lucifero has indeed been referred to as a top devil, his shape was only made available through all the underworld’s second gate. He’s unfinished, but he’s still a force to be reckoned with. That begs the question of Adrammelech, who is most likely inferior in terms of total power because he arrived in the human realm in his full form, but is also capable of defying Lucifero’s commands outright. The ultimate devil doesn’t appear to respond much either, which has led to some speculation regarding which is the better of the two.