‘Attack On Titan’ Season 4 Episode 22: Gabi’s Great Redemption Arc

Gabi Braun is the undisputed controversial child in the Attack On Titan fandom. She begins her journey as the female version of Eren Yeager from Marley – the hot-headed protagonist of the series. She hits a sensitive chord after killing Sasha Braus – one of the most beloved characters in the fandom. The one incident was enough to turn the whole fandom against Gabi, making her the most hated character in the series. Gabi Braun has started her redemption arc, marking the beginning of the end for this exciting series.

The latest episode shows Gabi risking her life yet again. Surprisingly, this time it is to save one of the Eldian devils. She has forgotten about the enmity between Marleyans and Eldians by now. All Gabi wants for now is to protect her loved ones and get as far away as possible from the war.

Gabi Saves A Wretched Eldian

It all begins after Zeke screams out, activating the power of his spinal fluid. The Braus family and their companions find themselves stuck in a titan-infested area. The large group makes their way through narrow lanes to avoid titan encounters. Unfortunately, one titan spots them and runs after them. Poor Kaya runs into a door and falls into a cornered area. Mr. Braus tries to save her, but Niccolo stops him. It seems like the family will have to watch Kaya getting devoured by a titan.

She Loves Falco

Fortunately, an unexpected savior comes to her rescue. It is our warrior candidate Gabi with an anti-titan rifle. It is much larger than her petite frame. Gabi runs towards the titan shouting at Kaya to run away. She displays her shooting skills (like Sasha), taking out his nape in seconds. The shocked family tries to comfort a crying Kaya. Meanwhile, Mr. Braus and Niccolo enquire about Gabi’s situation, asking why she was still in that area. Gabi tells them how she stayed behind to save Falco but lost him on the way.

The family later defends Gabi when questioned by two Eldian soldiers. The latest episode has given Gabi a redemption arc to correct her actions and perspective.