‘Attack On Titan’ Brings A Heavy Character In Season 4

The fourth season of ”Attack on Titan” has had its gaze fixed on Eren for far too long. While Mikasa & Armin have just received screen time, it’s past time for some more titans to make an appearance. We already understand Falco would do so soon with the aid of the Jaw Titan, and he’s not the only bombshell in store for fans. Another important warrior has returned to the anime, and it’s a homecoming that fans never expected to see, reports Comic Book.

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As a result, you have been forewarned! There are huge ”Attack on Titan” season four spoilers below:

Those who follow the series know that a new installment of ”Attack on Titan” is going to air in the United States. Eren’s significant upgrade delighted fans in Japan, prompting the release. It didn’t take too long for Attack on Titan followers to learn about the international debut, and crowds weren’t anticipating Annie to show there.

That’s right, you read that correctly. Annie Leonhart is back in form after a long hiatus from Attack on Titan. The Female Titan has broken the cycle from her sapphire cocoon, and no one knows what she will do next.

Attack on Titan’s most recent episode concluded with a shot of Annie in her cell, as you can see above. Her crystalline cocoon has disintegrated, leaving shards and other debris on the ground.

The girl is seen laying on the ground, her eyes wide open, gasping for air. Annie clearly did not intend to be free, thus Eren’s metamorphosis into the Foundational Titan must have had some effect.

Fans are now keen to find out where Annie is next. ”Attack on Titan” is about to embark on a new campaign, and mankind could use all the assistance it can get. Eren is supported not just by his own strength, but also by the might of his rebellion, Zeke, and a force of Enormous Titans. Mankind may benefit from Annie’s abilities, and we’ll have to wait and see whether she grants them.

Isn’t it true that the fourth season of ”Attack on Titan” has had its gaze fixed on Eren for far too long? What are your thoughts on Annie’s reappearance in Attack on Titan? Do you think her last-minute comeback shocked you?