5 Best Lakes To Visit In Texas, including Marble Falls Lake

The only thing you need to know about Texas in the summer is that it may get really hot! The Texas heat can be difficult to resist, with temperatures exceeding 100° F for weeks or months at a time–but happily, there are lots of gorgeous lakes in Texas to allow visitors to enjoy the outdoors without becoming too hot.

Whether you’re looking for a lovely swimming spot, a wonderful Texas lake for fishing, or a place to rent a boat for the day, one of these lakes is suitable for you!

Texas Lakes

Lake Travis

Lake Travis is a man-made lake northwest of Austin that is a great place to spend the day on the water. The reservoir was built in 1942 to retain floodwaters in a flood-prone area. Lake Travis is the largest of the Highland Lakes, covering 18,930 acres, and is one of Texas’ most popular lakes, offering a wide range of activities for everyone in the group.

Lake Buchanan

Lake Buchanan is the second largest of the Highland Lakes, as well as the first to be constructed. Visiting a large lake has its advantages because there is ample area where you will not be disturbed by other tourists.

Marble Falls Lake

The newest of the Highland Lakes, Lake Marble Falls, is a favorite family vacation location. Many people visit Lake Marble Falls every year, and when they aren’t on the lake, they visit the Hidden Falls Adventure Park.

Inks Lake

Beautiful Inks Lake Inks Lake is a stunning Texas lake, especially when you visit its most famous location. If you’ve never heard of Inks Lake, you’ve probably heard of the Devil’s Waterhole. On the northeast branch of Inks Lake State Park near Burnet, the Devil’s Waterhole is a popular attraction.

LBJ Lake

Lake LBJ is one of the most popular Highland Lakes in central Texas due to its year-round stable water level and perfect weather conditions for water sports such as water skiing and boating. You can take a boat tour around the lake and Applehead Island to see multimillion-dollar mansions owned by local astronauts, athletes, Hollywood stars, and incredibly affluent Texans!