Two Texan House Members Financing Gohmert for the Post of Texas Attorney General

Gohmert had a hard time coming into the race for the post of Texas attorney general. A collection of $1 million was a tough call to make in ten days. The east Texan Congressman needed much longer to do so. The Dallas Morning News reports that Gohmert was able to make a claim only by late November and take up the official run-up for the post.

Two Texan House Members Financing Gohmert for the Post of Texas Attorney General

Campaign Financing

A report made it clear that the Republicans had to get the required amount through several weeks. The seven-figure target seemed great, but Gohmert didn’t give in and got the funds before a self-imposed deadline. It was all possible due to a flurry of significant contributions made before New Year’s Eve announced the cut-off.

The first ten days of the campaign were to get contributions and commitments from people. Getting all the money required took some time; nevertheless, the amount got collected, and Gohmert could join the fray.

The Race For Attorney General

Along with Gohmert, two other high-profile republicans have also entered the race. They are embattled to get Ken Paxton out of the race, who has seen a good chance all these years and is seeking his third term. Ken is also known to be the state’s top lawyer and has often found support in holding the position for so long. A report on the campaign raising has shown that stiff competition may reflect in the final race for the post.

However, there is trouble in Ken’s paradise, appending FBI investigation over corruption allegations and six-year-old fraud indictment. This may come as a liability for the incumbent attorney general and put the seat at risk for a Democratic takeover.