Travel Havoc by Covid Variant and Wintry Weather in The First Days of The New Year

Did you know that seasonal weather conditions, especially the cold wintry months and the new covid-19 variant, have frustrated the travelers, who were returning home by flights from holidays? The foggy weather and decreased number of staff (due to pandemic) from airlines forced to cancel as many as 2,400 U.S. flights and more than 4,000 across the world by Sunday afternoon, reports Tracking Service FlightAware.


On Saturday, more than 4,700 flights worldwide and around 2,700 U.S. flights were canceled. The increasing COVID-19 infections among crews caused a staff shortage. The winter storm that hit the Midwest on Saturday covered Chicago with fog and the travelers had to suffer. At O’Hare airport also, many flights got canceled on Sunday. 

Actions by the Airlines

Airlines like Southwest Airlines are working to help the affected customer. However, about 11% of its schedule, around 400 flights have been canceled.

While Dallas-based Airline warned people to get ready for more operational changes in the coming days, the storm is nearing the Eastern seaboard. 

Delta Airlines supports travelers by issuing travel waivers for planned flights of this week out of mid-Atlantic airports in Baltimore and Washington, given forecasted winter weather.

American airlines have already intimidated travelers into canceling Sunday’s flights to avoid last-minute disruptions at the airport on Sunday.

According to FlightAware, nearly 500 SkyWest regional carrier flights were canceled. SkyWest runs under American Eagle, Delta Connection and United Express. 

Offers to the staff

The airlines also said they are taking many steps to reduce the inconveniences caused by flight cancellations by the Omicron spread among staff.

The pilots are offered more than three times their usual wage for flight pick-ups through January by United airlines.

The union spokesperson of Spirit Airlines stated that a deal had been made with the Association of attendants for double pay to the cabin crews on Tuesday.

 There is a hope that these offers of extra pay and reduced schedules may help overcome the holiday rush by the mid of January. The demand usually drops. The seasonal loss may also be there due to the business disruption.