The First Half Of Texas 2020 Elections Witness Problems: Check The Details

Former President Donald Trump initiated the review of the election held across four countries in 2020. The GOP Leaders were curious to know about the findings of the study. The review suggests that the data of electronic ballots and the hand count votes differ. Texas Tribune reports that the Texas Secretary of state’s office has displayed the results of the former half of the 2020 elections. The review findings cast a shadow of doubt over the integrity of the electoral framework and its security measures.

The First Half Of Texas 2020 Elections Witness Problems: Check The Details

The Review Found Issues In Manual Votes

The first batch of the review process reveals statistics from four countries, namely; Harris, Dallas, Tarrant, and Collin. The reports show that the manual vote counts are not equal to those of the automated machines. Several experts have said that the review holds a vital position to identify the miscalculations of the votes. The discounted voices make a significant percentage of the total number.

Texas Tribune quoted Remi Garza, the Texas Association of Election Administrators president. They said, “There doesn’t seem to be anything too far out of the ordinary concerning the information that’s provided. I hope nobody draws any strong conclusions one way or the other concerning the information that’s been provided. I think it’s just very factual and will ultimately play a part in the conclusions that are drawn once the second phase is completed.”

The Counties Will Have To Clear The Air Surrounding The Discussions

The counties responsible for voting during the elections will need to clarify the distinction in the data. The reports suggest that manual ballots in three precincts showed a mismatch of 17 votes. The officials cite allowing voters to vote from the cars as the primary reason behind the folly. Texas Tribune quoted Harris’s election administrator Isabel Longoria’s statement on Friday; it said, “Conducting a hand count on a scale as large as November 2020 election is an intensive process. The process included manually sorting 179,174 ballots by precinct, followed by a hand-count for ten precincts designated by the Secretary of State. Despite this challenge, our team was able to match the count with a discrepancy of only five ballots.”