Texas Suspect Convicted Of Capital Murder After Shooting Three Cops

After shooting 3 Houston police officers, a Texas suspect was convicted of felony capital murder. Roland Caballero, 31, has indeed been convicted with three charges of aggravated robbery and one count of conspiracy to murder a police officer, reports Fox News.

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Source: Fox News, Houston Police Department

Three counts of intentional capital murder of a policeman have been filed against the guy accused of killing three Houston cops on Thursday. A thirty-one aged man, Roland Caballero, has also been arrested with three charges of intended capital murder of a cop and one count of armed robbery, according to the Houston Police Department.

Thus according to Houston Police Chief Troy Finner, Caballero was accused of shooting three cops on Thursday afternoon during a police chase.

In a Twitter post, Houston simply identified the injured officers as N. Gadson, 35, D. Hayden, 32, and A. Alvarez, 28, even from the Northeast Patrol. Officers Hayden and Gadson were discharged from the hospital on Friday afternoon, according to the Houston Police Department.

Officer Alvarez is still in the hospital, although his condition is stable. Caballero’s extensive criminal rap record, which traces its origins to 2008, was obtained by Fox News Digital. Caballero has been convicted with unauthorized possession of a handgun by a felon, as well as several narcotic crimes, according to Texas Ministry of Public Safety records.

The attack started when officers responded to a call about the suspect at 2:42 p.m. on Thursday. Police tracked down his vehicle and pursued it, but when it crashed, the perpetrator opened fire multiple times wounded the three cops.

Following the crash, the suspect carjacked a Mercedes-Benz and drove it to a house in Houston, where he imprisoned himself on Thursday evening.

According to Finner, cops surrounded the residence, and the suspect fired at officers once more. Finally, during an evening press conference, the chief announced that the culprit had been apprehended after surrendering to police officers around 7:45 p.m.

The crime rate in Texas is increasing. Hence everybody should be kept under utmost protection. Not only ordinary men or citizens but also police officers are needed to be protected.