Texas Girl Rescued From A Sewage Drain Guarded By Two Big Snakes

A Young Girl From Texas Was Rescued From A Sewage Drain Which Was Guarded By Two Big Snakes

According to a report by spectrumlocalnews.com, after being rescued from a sewage drain, a 12-year-old Texas girl seems fine. The fact that the drain exits were guarded by two snakes raised the stakes much more.

The Southlake Department of Public Safety explained the situation in a chain of tweets as well as Facebook posts that read like a script for an unproduced “Indiana Jones” film.

Tori and Carly, sisters, were in the final days of their two-week quarantine in their Southlake, Texas, home, according to the department. 

Tori, 12, tried to crawl into a nearby drainage pipe when the girls were outside playing. She made it through the narrow pipe, but when she turned around to return, she came face to face with a big black snake.

Tori wiggled through a storm grate then attempted to go by the other drainage pipe because she couldn’t escape through the way she entered as she came face to face with a second enormous black snake there.

“Sister Carly wanted to try to help & crawl in, but when she saw the second snake, she was like nope,” Southlake DPS tweeted.

Southlake DPS arrived and took about a minute and a half to get the grate off.

“At one point Carly hissed to Tori to ‘just close your eyes and crawl under it before mom finds out,’ which made Tori burst into tears and come to a conclusion that a confession was the final option,” Southlake DPS tweeted.

During the ordeal, neither Tori nor the snakes were hurt or harmed.