Texans Could Face Chilly Weather In The Upcoming Days; Check-out What Forecasts Say

Feeling cold all of a sudden, find out why? As the week began, the temperatures dropped and there was a nip in the air. Since Sunday morning, North Texas has experienced wintry weather, with winds making the cold worse. 

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Image source: (ABC13 Houston/YouTube)

As the day progressed, the wind speeds increased to 15 -20mph adding to the freezing temperatures. The temperatures around Dallas Forth Worth happened to be 20 degrees before noon. The National Weather Meteorologist has forecasted to Dallas Morning News of more chilly weather in the coming week. 

Dip in temperatures

According to USA Today, the people of Texas felt the sharp contrast of weather from the warm December months right up to Christmas, but the new year spelled a wind of chills. The weather turned upside down and the dreary weather is set to continue for some time now. However, the MET department is hopeful that the temperature may be a bit up during the day but dip again in the evening.

The moderation of temperatures may happen as the week progresses the forecast reported by USA Today. There will be several highs and lows in the weather during the day and night, with snow flurries in some parts of Dallas at the end of the week. The MET department didn’t see much precipitation.

Impact of the weather

Several corona health facilities have shut down due to inclement weather conditions. The freezing temperatures and high winds have been the trigger for this decision. The site may open up the following week if the weather shows mercy.

According to Dallas Morning News, Texas Department of Transportation has given reports of cases of concern because of the weather causing hazardous road conditions

Due to the weather, power outages have been another concern, with 1300 customers facing power cuts in Dallas Forth Worth.

Travelers have been forewarned about the weather conditions and there will be delays in flights, and those who seek to travel probably need to reschedule their travel plans.