Ten Most Wanted Program: Texas Hit Record Number In 2021

Texas Department of Public Safety, it is pleased to announce that the most wanted offenders captured during 2021 were highest. Since the program’s inception in 1993, this was the best year. In 2021, DPS, along with the cooperation of the local, federal, state, and Mexican authorities, captured 34 fugitives and sex offenders. This record breaks the previous one of 32 captured in 2013. Together with it, $71,500 was also paid as rewards (anonymous tips) which helped with the arrest.

Who are these 34 captured offenders?

These captured offenders in 2021 are 17 convicted sex offenders and 12 gang members. Fourteen got captured in 2 months (October 13th to December 13th), according to DPS News.
DPS Director Steven McCraw said that “The public plays an integral role in the capturing of these offenders, ensuring we have a successful Texas 10 Most Wanted Program and making our communities, and all of us, safer.” He added that he is proud of this program and would thank all of the law enforcement partners who helped bring criminals to justice. Anyone who wishes to be a part of this program can find the current list on the DPS website, as per DPS News.

Texas Crime Stoppers- About

The Texas Crime Stoppers is funded by the Criminal Justice Division of Governor. It offers the reward to any person willing to provide information that will lead to the arrest of the ten most wanted fugitives of Texas or the sex offenders.
One can easily get more information about the captured fugitives of 2021 through the captured fugitive archive.
The crime stoppers program, it is enabling citizens to report anonymously any information about the crimes for the cash rewards. This is helping law enforcement to put criminals behind bars and assisting with the efforts of crime reduction.
For being eligible for such cash rewards, the tipsters will be required to provide the authorities with the information using any of the methods,

  • Call hotline of Crime Stoppers- 1-800-252-Tips (8477)
  • Web tip- Use the DPS website for selecting fugitive one has information about. Once selected, click on the link provided below the picture.
  • Facebook tip- It can be done by clicking “Submit a Tip” in the about section.

All of the tips, they are anonymous no matter how they get submitted, and the tipsters get tip numbers (not using the name).
According to DPS news, some of the partnership agencies which got involved in 34 captures, 2021 are:


  • DPS Criminal Investigations Division
  • Texas Rangers
  • Aransas Pass Police Department
  • Austin Police Department
  • Dallas Police Department
  • Mexican authorities
  • Navy Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS)
  • U.S. Marshals