‘Summer Heat’ Season 2: Is It Going To Be Renewed Or Got Cancelled?

Summer Heat”, also known as ‘Temporada de Vero,’ is a Brazilian teen drama series about a group of teenagers who work at a beach resort throughout the summer. As they get to know each other better, drama erupts as romance and friendships blossom, reports Cinemaholic.

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The Italian series ‘Summertime,’ which has so far shown two episodes, has a similar tone. Simultaneously, we’ve had four seasons of the Spanish thriller ‘Elite.’ As a result, the Brazilian Netflix original appears to be set to return for at least one more season.

Even if a second instalment is ordered by Spring 2022, the team will still need months to complete post-production and filming. Considering these considerations, we may anticipate the release of ”Summer Heat” season 2 in Q1 2023.

“Summer Heat” Season 2: Cast

The series features several known actors such as:
Giovanna Lancellotti (Catarina)
Cynthia Senek (Marília)
Maicon Rodrigues (Conrado)
André Luiz Frambach (Miguel)
Mayana Neiva (Vilma)
Gabz (Yasmin)
Jorge López (Diego)
Leonardo Bittencourt (Rodrigo)
Giovanna Rispoli (Helena)
Felipe Rocha (Maresia)

They also play crucial roles in the story. As a result, if the series is renewed for a third season, we should expect the majority of the cast to return. There’s also a chance that you’ll meet some new people.

The Plot Of Season 2 Of “Summer Heat”

The new workforce at the Maresia Hotel comes together in the first season. The link between them only becomes deeper after a summer of love, learning from mistakes, confessions and passion. Maresia asks the players to assist him once more as the season comes to a close, and Rodrigo is named as the new manager. While the rest of the staff decides to stay at the resort, Diego reveals that he will return to Santiago to finish his medical studies.

Yasmin and Miguel, on the other hand, declare their love for each other. It’s also hinted that he accepts Maresia as her biological mother. Yasmin plays the voice note Catarina sent as she is escorted away in handcuffs. Catarina admits that she made a mistake in the voice message and says she intends to explain herself later. For the time being, though, she must accept the consequences.

If the show returns with a new season, it may uncover Catarina’s motivations and what happens to her after she is detained. While the rest of the team chose to stay together, we may discover more about Diego’s future. Will he be drawn back to Shell Island by fate, or will he continue on his path? More drama can be expected as the group works together to face fresh problems at the Maresia Hotel.