Southern Dallas Has Witnessed a Purchase of a Supermarket

Are you waiting to hear who made the most significant purchase in Southern Dallas? H-E-B has purchased a vacant supermarket on the West Wheatland Road, which happens to be near Duncanville and DeSoto. The Dallas Morning News has reported that the supermarket was built for the Albertsons. It began operations from 1985 to 2004 until shutdown. 

About the property

According to Dallas Business Journals, the company hasn’t much revealed what it would do with the property. The only thing that got to the press was they were looking for future growth plans and purchasing this prime property was one of them. The anticipation of expansion has made H-E-B accept this property and while issuing, there has been no date set for construction which was sent through an emailed response when clarification was asked.

The piece of land is set on 5.4 acres, the property happens to be in the five-mile vicinity of WinCo Foods, Aldi, Tom Thumb and Walmart Supercentre stores 

Mabrie Jackson, the senior director of public affairs for H-E-B/Central Market, responded by saying that the company held a portfolio of landholdings, kept for long-term growth plans.

What the purchaser had to say

In its two decades of existence, the firm has been buying property in and around D-FW to further its ambitions. The company’s other plans included opening stores in Plano and Frisco early next year after putting their first D-FW stores in suburban Collin County. They want to have a slew of stores across the state.

The H-E-B happens to have more than one store concept that they run in D-FW. With six Central Market Stores, their expansion plans seem to grow with their operations as they plan to add two more chains that include the Mi Tienda and Joe V’s Smart Shop, which is based on the lost cost concept.

There is a message Jackson told USA Today: there is a vow to reach out to more Texans with multi-format store offerings.