Reward Increased For January’s Featured Fugitive Joe Flores Jr., From Duncanville

Bobby Joe Flores Jr. is one of the sex offenders on the most wanted list. The reward for him in Texas got increased to $6000. Anyone who provides the information that will lead to the arrest will receive this reward. However, this tip should be received in January.
“Flores, a 34-year-old man, is one of the sex offenders who is wanted for the abuse of the young child. He failed to comply with any of the requirements related to sex offender registration and is now on the top 10 wanted sex offenders since 2019. As a result, the county sheriff’s office, Dallas, issued the warrant for the arrest,” as per Dallas County News.
Any tips will be completely guaranteed for being anonymous.

Why is Flores on the most wanted list?

According to the Dallas County Sheriff’s office, he is to be arrested for continuously abusing a young child sexually. The Police Department of Duncanville in January 2020 issued the warrant as Flores failed to comply with the requirements of registering as a sex offender.
Furthermore, in 2008 he was also convicted for intercourse/molesting of an Indiana girl who was 1-year-old. He got sentenced to 2 years in the Indiana Department of Correction. He was again convicted in 2010 for failure to get registered as a sex offender in Indiana. So, he got sentenced to 18 months in prison. His previous sentence previously was increased by 6 years.
In 2014, Flores finally came into Texas and was required to register in Duncanville as a sex offender.

How to recognize Flores?

Flores, he is around 5 feet and 5 inches tall. He weighs around 140 pounds and has tattoos on both the arms, abdomen, chest, left wrist, and neck. There are also some scars on his left wrist and arm.

Who is offering this reward?

Texas Crime Stoppers offers the reward to anyone who will be providing information that will lead to the arrest of the 10 most wanted fugitives or sex offenders of Texas.
In 2021, the DPS, along with other agencies, arrested around 17 sex offenders and 12 gang members. In addition, they offered $71,500 rewards for the tips that helped in arrests.
For being eligible, the tipsters can share information either by calling the crime stoppers hotline (1-800-252-TIPS (8477)) or submit a tip through the DPS website by simply selecting the link below fugitive picture or submit the Facebook tip by clicking on the option, submit a Tip link provided in About section.
All these tips are anonymous, and one can find the current list along with the pictures on the website of DPS, as per DPS News.