‘Ozark Season 4’: Everything For Wyatt Changed As Tahan Steps In

The last season of “Ozark” is currently in production, with Netflix dividing the regular ten episodes into two seven-episode halves to be broadcast at different periods, with the series finale likely arriving later this year. Meanwhile, “Ozark,” Season 4: Part 1 debuted on Netflix on Friday, and we’ve already given it a first look in our non-spoiler review, reports Digital Spy.

Season 4: Part 1 opens with the Byrdes traveling down the highway with their kids in the backseat and Sam Cooke singing “Bring It on Home to Me” on the car audio.

In terms of the series’ narrative coming to a close, it’s an on-the-nose song selection. If there was ever any dispute that the Byrdes are on their way down a dark path (and why would there be, considering what their parents have done), what occurs next suggests they’re on their way to a literal and symbolic car accident.

“Ozark”: The Part 1

“Ozark” Season 4: Part 1 does not return to the spot of the Byrdes’ vehicle crash, thus we won’t know how it affects the show’s conclusion until Part 2. In some ways, it would be appropriate if Marty and Wendy made it through everything just to be killed by a deus-ex-machina vehicle.

The crash, I believe, is a narrative twist that leaves one or even more family members ill and defenseless at the worst possible moment, just as they appeared to be on their way to a clean break. But we’ll have to wait and watch what happens in “Ozark” Season 4: Part 2 to find out.

Meanwhile, “Part 1” doesn’t spend any time establishing the foundation for its half-season arc. It continues up precisely where we left off the last episode, with Marty and Wendy visiting Omar Navarro’s (Felix Solis) cartel leader’s estate in Mexico. They wash off the brains and blood of Helen (Janet McTeer), the late cartel lawyer, and join Navarro in the celebration outdoors.

There, we meet Navarro’s nephew, Javi, who is played by Alfonso Herrera, a well-known actor.

It’ll take five seconds. “Ozark” has a disturbingly flat-footed rhythm, slowly building suspense like a twisted Jenga tower before crashing it all down an hour later. That altered in the Season Four, Chapter One conclusion, which aired last week on Netflix. It abruptly cuts to cartel-boss-in-waiting Javi after an episode full of FBI wheelings and machinations. He storms into the Snell ranch with around 10 minutes left in the current batch of episodes, kills Wyatt Langmore and Darlene Snell and then flees.