Nearly Two Dozen New Texas Laws Took Effect On New Year’s Day

As many as about 2-dozen bills have been passed by the Legislature that has become law from Saturday, 31 December 2021. Some of the bills are related to tax exemptions or rules approved during the regular legislative session held in May. Some others are new measures that have already been taken into effect, reported from Austin.

New Texas Laws

A look at some of the new measures:

House bill 115 mainly focuses on the exemption of the taxes from the properties owned by charitable organizations, and those that provide services like shelter homes for people experiencing homelessness. It is one of the good moves so that there is no compulsion that the exempted property must be on a single campus and the shelter homes must be permanent. 

According to House Bill 1197, the land owned by a religious organization (planning to expand) gets exemption from tax for 6-10 years. The bill benefits smaller religious groups.

To help small restaurants recover from pandemic loss, regulation to supply food at restaurants, and alcoholic beverage permits, Senate Bill 911 is passed.

The long-term care facilities, including nursing homes, are posted by the state’s office of the long-term care Ombudsmen. This measure is supported by Bill 3961, considering the citizens who felt isolated during the pandemic due to disrupted facilities.

Senate Bill 794 lends a hand to veterans who are considered 100% disabled by exempting them from paying taxes, an important move from the U. S. Department of Veteran affairs.

Countries with more than a million population can hold elections before relocating the funds to different law enforcement agencies or reducing the funding of a country’s primary law enforcement agency. Senate Bill 23 support this measure. 

Opinions that matter

Experts have mixed opinions regarding public safety, budget processing, and restricted financial help to the police force.

Along with these new bills discussed, other bills are already effective. Such as the bill that has amended the training of Judges in setting bail only after considering all past details about the defendant. Another bill allows new homeowners to receive their exemption after acquiring the property rather than waiting till next year.