Internet Met Man Shot Dead Outside The Westchase Complex

A man was shot dead outside the Westchase Apartment Complex. According to the Houston police, the online men tried robbing the woman at her complex. This incident occurred on Thursday afternoon, January 20, at around 1:30 p.m.

Where did this incident take place?

The exact address of this incident was,

10900 Block, Meadowglen Lane. It is between the Walnut Bend and the Wilcrest. This is where the Westchase Apartment Complex is located. It is the location of the victim’ss home.

What did the police say?

According to the police, the man talked to this woman for quite a time. They both met online. After some time, with the conversation taking a right turn, they both agreed to meet up at the woman’s apartment.

The time and date were set. However, the man didn’t arrive empty-handed. He came in with the gun. According to the report, he pulled out the gun and made an attempt to rob the woman.

However, the timing favored the woman as her brother was just in the next bedroom. As per the police, the brother went to the other room to hear his sister’s screams. The brother, too, pulled out the gun by then and pointed towards the suspect.

All the ongoing argument was taken outside to the courtyard. This place was just nearby the apartment of the woman. As they came out, the brother and the suspect, both of them, fired the gunshots at one another.

According to the recent updates provided from the end of the police, the suspect got declared dead. He died at the scene. The brother survived the gunshots. As of now, the woman and her brother have got detained to be questioned, according to Click2Houston News.

As of now, only the given information has been provided by the police. Further information is awaited.