Governor Candidates Tour To Border Cities As Election Comes Near

Gov. Greg Abbott and his Democratic opponent kickstarted their election campaigns by visiting various cities near the US-Mexico border. Abbott is standing for the third time in Governor elections. He has cited his desire to work for the welfare of people as the reason behind his third bid. Texas Tribune reports that Abbott delivered a 30-minute speech in McAllen in which he threw light on the prevalent social and political hardships facing the citizens. Abbott also emphasized the measures of the government during the COVID-19 pandemic and the power grid failure, he did not hold back from calling upon democrats and alleged them for malicious intentions.

Governor Candidates Tour To Border Cities As Election Comes Near

Abbott Is In A Position Of Strength

Texas Tribune quoted Abbot, he said, “We cannot let big-government liberals redesign our state with the progressive agenda that is destroying some parts of America. We need a proven winner who will fight to secure the future of Texas. That is why today I am in the Rio Grande Valley to officially announce my reelection.” He condemned the republicans for not living up to the expectations of the public and designing ambitious plans. The results of the exit polls show that Abbott received 44% and 42% of the Hispanic vote during his previous two campaigns. One of the Governor’s claims to fame is the construction of Texas’ border wall, thousands of National Guard received employment during Abbot’s administration. However, the deployment faced backlash from the public due to pay insecurities and other factors.

O’Rouke And Abbott Are On Each Other’s Necks

Texas Tribune quoted O’Rouke who said, “We want people who come to this country to do it the right way, to follow the law. We want there to be order and not chaos, but we have the best experiences, in how to make that happen.” Abbott and O’Rouke need to overcome preliminary opposition to be face to face. Despite the polls showing pole position for Abbott, a few stiff challenges can rain on his parade. Reports suggest that the power grid failure cost the lives of 246 individuals, Abbott failed to address the topic in his McAllen speech. O’Rouke has been aiming to attack Abbott with weak links and has emphasized advertising the Democrats’ policies throughout the campaign.