FBI Raid Jeopardizes Henery Cuellar’s Political Life

FBI raided the nine-time congressman’s house on Wednesday. The raid has worsened Cuellar’s professional career as he struggles to keep his professional life alive. The voting is due soon, and the recent events might bring curtains to Cuellar’s political career. Texas Tribune reports that Cuellar has equal followers and rivals within the party. However, his Republican counterparts have a great affection for him. Cuellar is also a deputy whip to US House Majority Whip James Clyburn.

FBI Raid Jeopardizes Henery Cuellar’s Political Life

Cuellars’ Peers Are A Surprised Lot

Texas Tribune quoted Eddie Aldrete, an independent public affairs consultant, who said, “Everybody in the business community who I’m talking to is in deep and total shock because the last person they expected to see this happen to is Henry.” Jon Taylor, a political science professor at the University of Texas at San Antonio, said Henry is dearly loved in his home and maintains a high reputation. The reports suggest that Henry was always in the firing line despite not being charged with a felony yet.

Huge Political Drama Awaits Us

Texas Tribune adds Laredo attorney Jessica Cisneros said, “We are aware of the news regarding Congressman Cuellar and the active FBI investigation. We are closely watching as this develops. In the meantime, we are focused on our campaign to deliver change to South Texas families and will not be making any additional comments at this time.” The reports suggest that many Republicans root for Cisneros’ win as they see her as the easy target in November. On the other hand, the Democrats bear a sad face as they are worried about her loss. Last year’s results were rewarding for the Republicans as they made massive progress in three congressional districts.

Texas Tribune quoted Nathan Gonzales, a political analyst, who wrote, “There was a path for Republicans to win the newly-drawn 28th if the party was having a great year. But they might not need an extra boost if Cuellar is damaged goods or it’s an open seat. Anytime the FBI is involved, it adds a level of uncertainty to a race.” The recent events have spiced up the political tension before the elections. However, Cuellar’s fate is on a thin line, and the future is uncertain.