Downtown Dallas will house the Health Wildcatters into Pegasus Park bioscience campus

Health Wildcatters will relocate to a 23-acre campus northwest of downtown Dallas. As a medical start-up looking for a local area to set up flexible office space. The Dallas Morning reports that the CEO and Co-founder were enthusiastic about the Pegasus ParkBioscience campus. The start-up felt it just fitted right into their requirement plans. They felt that it would help them continue to provide dedicated healthcare, investment, and a network of several alumni, mentors, and investors to the community as they have done for a decade now.

Downtown Dallas will house the Health Wildcatters into Pegasus Park bioscience campus

Location Of The Medical Start-Up

The Pegasus campus lies in Love field on Stemmons Freeway. However, the building formerly housed the Mobil Oil Corp. It will currently be occupied by the Health Wildcatters and the UT Southwest Medical Centre, which is Massachusetts-based bio labs and Tayasha Gene therapies on the same campus. The head of Wildcatters, Dr. Hubert Zjicek, has stated that their presence will help accelerate better healthcare in the area.

The lease was negotiated through Cushman & Wakefield representatives with the Cribb Altman of Jones Lang LaSalle. The property was originally redeveloped by the J Small investments and Lyda Hill philanthropies. Setting up this property was to benefit the local community. It was ensured that this building would be used as a mixed office campus to house biotech firms and non-profit organizations.

The building consists of an 18-story office tower. Several smaller buildings around this high-rise are getting renovated.

The Aim Of The Firm

Health Wildcatters work with other affiliated portfolio companies to raise a whopping $200 million. Hence, entrepreneurs have got the financial backing to start and grow health technology businesses in north Texas over the past ten years. The set-up aims to contribute to the North Texas Health innovation ecosystem that the Wildcatters will build through their work on the campus.