Doctor Kills Colleague And Shoots Himself in Texas

A Texas doctor’s office has been involved in the hostage situation, where two people were found dead after long hours of battle by state police. The case has become to light when Indian-origin doctor hostages his other colleague doctors at Children’s Medical Group. This drama took place at the Capital of Texas, Austin reports local police.

The bodies were found by a SWAT team after spending hours negotiating with the negotiators; they tried to speak to the other doctors inside the building. The police evacuated the incidents’ nearby area and stayed inside their homes instructed by police.

SWAT Team Used Robot

A robot was sent first by the police; after that, SWAT team members went inside the office, where they found two bodies. A bullhorn was also used to communicate by the special Austin police.

According to the American-Statesman newspaper, a SWAT team member said over the loudspeaker, “Your life is very important to me, and I know life is very important to you”.

In the last tweet by the Austin police department,” The SWAT situation has ended. Two subjects have been located and were pronounced deceased”. Initially, only this much information was shared by the police. After that, the SWAT officers found the details of both dead bodies as Dodson and Narumanchi. 

Police Confirmed The Dead Names

On Wednesday, the Austin police confirmed that a pediatrician named Dr. Lindley Dodson was killed by another doctor named Bharat Narumanchi, who captivated the other doctors at Children’s Medical Group in Central Austin and shot himself.

The neon police sticker sealed the front door of the building, and one of the building windows was also boarded. On the side of the building, the silver police tap was visible.

Local citizens of the Capital were in grief; the number of flowers was dotted at the incident building. They cried and remembered Dr.Lindley and her work. Few citizens demand to shut down the city for the happenings there.