Delay In Cases Inevitable As Texas Abortion Law Moves To The Supreme Court.

The 5th US Circuit Court of Appeals issued a challenge for the abortion law in texas to the supreme court. The decision will delay the cause boost the opponent’s legal standing. The return of the case to the federal court will likely take months. Texas Tribune reports that the US Supreme Court has withdrawn from the case on three previous occasions. The new developments provide additional motivation to the abortion’s opponents and give them sufficient time to strengthen their case.

Delay In Cases Inevitable As Texas Abortion Law Moves To The Supreme Court.

Delay Will Prolong The Sufferings

Texas Tribune quoted Steve Vladeck, a University of Texas School of Law Professor; he said in his tweet, “This decision now keeps the case in limbo and abortion after 6 weeks in the nation’s second-largest state; a dead letter, indefinitely.” The law will remain unchanged till the case concludes. The significant difficulty arising from the present circumstances is that most women remain unaware in the first six weeks of their pregnancy. The US legal structure introduces strict policies against abortion. The dealy, in this case, means a longer wait for the individuals involved.

The Challenges Are Steep

The 5th circuit is the most conservative appellate court in the US. The movers of the case wished that the Federal Court should handle the case, as it would have given them a greater chance of triumph. Texas Tribune reports that the State Supreme courts will likely break the pattern and take up the cases coming out of federal courts. The Texas Supreme court awaits the standing of the US Supreme Court regarding the issue. The abortion opponents have expressed their happiness publicly. The federal court was the best chance for the abortion supporters to win this case, but the present turn of events poses an enormous challenge for them to come up with concrete facts to counter the opponents.

Texas Tribune quoted John Seago, legislative director for Texas Right to Life, who said, “While all of these complicated legal questions are untangled, we already every day have our victory, courts have allowed this law to stay in effect.” The future of the case is on the sword’s edge, and a delay in the decision is a bane for the individuals in favor of delayed abortion.