Dad Got Killed Carrying His Daughter’s Birthday Cake at Chuck E. Cheese in Texas

A 24-year-old male, Calogero Duenes, was shot dead. He was in the parking lot of the restaurant Chuck E. Cheese in Texas on Friday at that time. He was there to celebrate the 6th birthday of his daughter, reports ABC
Calogero, along with his 2 daughters (aged 3 and 6) and wife, just arrived at the restaurant. The family was already inside when this shooting occurred.

What does the CCTV show?

As per the authorities, “The surveillance video shows the shooter driving the wrong way. He came closer and then hit Calogero. He also made some verbal exchanges before the beginning of the gunfire,” NBC news.
According to Amber Uresti, the victim’s wife, Calogero, was holding the birthday cake of his daughter when he got shot. His sister-in-law further added that he stumbled inside the restaurant and collapsed.
“My husband, he passed without me. There was no one to hold his hand or for comforting him. All I need is justice. My kids need justice, for Calogero,” she said to the NBC News station.
It is hard to wrap around the head to the fact that how can someone be so senseless towards someone holding the cake. All this family did was go out to celebrate their daughter’s 6th birthday. It truly is a tragedy to watch such crimes.


What happened to the shooter?

“The shooter, he fled the scene in the burgundy ford car,” as per People News.
Duenes was taken to hospital. Even after being in medical attention, he couldn’t survive. As of now, no arrests have been made. The police are still busy trying to identify the suspect.
“My daughter, she is continuously crying,” Uresti told KTRK. She further added that last night his daughter slept with his shirt. She fell asleep crying. This is truly heart-breaking. There are no words to comfort her apart from saying that Daddy will always be in your heart. He loves you.
The GoFundMe page has been set up to help the family pay for all the funeral expenses. Herein, it was written by Rosemarie Uresti that the family is devastated after this tragedy. Duenes left behind his wife and 2 daughters. This isn’t the way they expected to start their new year.
According to her, he was a landscaper, and he did the best he could to help people. He showed a lot of compassion towards his family and made sure to do well for his kids. They are all missing him so much.