Burglar Target Apartment Residents Of W. Houston

The luxury apartment complex located Woodway and 610 loop, the residents therein hoped that the surveillance video would help nab burglars involved in the burglary spree of Christmas.

In the victim’s words, the burglar knew what he was doing. They knew where to go exactly. The burglar followed the person to the garage.

However, the victim isn’t waiting for the management to do anything regarding this.

Credit- click2houstan.com

What did the police say?

The police of Houston said a total of 5 units were broken into at 7 Riverway on December 21st. 4 of these were located on the 20th floor, next to one another.

According to one of the victims, Kim Shirling, someone tipped off the burglar. They followed a person to the garage. They knew where there was no camera, and so they knew where to go. So, the burglars walked the 20 flights stairs to reach the 20th floor. They did know that the neighbors were at work and that the victim was not home.

As per the surveillance video that ABC13 obtained, it shows the suspect. He was tall and thin and wore a dark sweatshirt with a distinctive white logo. He was carrying a bag, and he left through the garage. The video also showed a Toyota truck which, as per belief, is the vehicle that the suspect drove off in.


Are there any comments received from victims?

According to Shirling, she is frustrated. It is because as of 21st December, she talked with management. She told them she was not in town. She also asked to give the staff the cookies delivery, which she received. It was hours later that she and her neighbor units were broken into.

7 Riverway is owned by Lincoln Properties. According to ABC13, they told them that they were aware of the burglary. They, however, didn’t have any official statement for release.

In 2017 same kind of burglary spree occurred during Christmas. During it police believed the key fob was used to break in several units.

As of now, Shirling, along with her neighbors, they all have their theories. However, the PD of Houston has not made any arrests. However, the victims installed the doorbell cameras.

Shirling, on the other hand, is taking a step ahead and moving out. According to her, the place is not safe, as recorded by ABC 13.