Abortion Providers In Texas Shift To District Courts To Hear Arguments

The abortion providers in Texas demand that further hearings occur in district courts instead of the 5th US Circuit Court of Appeals. The lawyers suggest that the Court of Appeals should send the challenge of the lower judicial authority. Texas Tribune reports that the Texas restrictive abortion law hearing was scheduled on Friday; it suggests that the providers wrote to the supreme court on Monday to comply with their demands. The district court had ceased the implementation of the law in October 2021.

Abortion Providers In Texas Shift To District Courts To Hear Arguments

The Law Aims To Prevent Abortion After A Stipulated Period

The law allows the citizens to register a complaint against the individuals who support abortion after the sixth week of the pregnancy. The law has been passed under Senate Bill 8. The law suggests that abortion should not occur after the embryo develops a heartbeat. The individuals filing lawsuits will receive a minimum of $10,000 in damages after winning the case. The reports suggest that women have been deprived of abortions approved by the constitution since September 2021.

Shifting The Case To Supreme Court Will Result In Long Delays

CNBC reports that the Supreme Court issued a leftover challenge to be discussed in the 5th Circuit; it surprised the abortion providers as the 5th Circuit is one of the most conservative judicial bodies across Texas.

CNBC quoted Brigitte Amiri, deputy director of the ACLU Reproductive Freedom Project. She said, “It’s unconscionable that the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals is defying the Supreme Court’s ruling last month by refusing to send our case back to the district court so that we can continue fighting Texas’ six-week abortion ban. The Supreme Court must step in to prevent the appeals court from needlessly delaying our lawsuit against Texas’ bounty hunting scheme and compounding the harm this ban has already inflicted on Texans.”

The 5th Circuit court refused to turn in the case to the district court; it decided to continue with the Friday hearings before considering to forward the topic to the supreme court. The reports suggest that the decision to hand over the case to the supreme court might delay the outcome by several months. The delay is likely to affect the women looking for abortions at present.