Abbot Planning Re-election Prior to the GOP in Less Than 60 days

Do you know how the Texas Governor will begin his election campaign? Governor Abbot is going on 60 campaign stops in 60 days for his prep for re-election. This is in tune with his schedule and as he revs up for his battle against the Democrat candidate Beto O’Rourke. Abbot hasn’t officially announced his bid but will do so in the Rio Grande Valley this weekend. He will seek votes for the third term and his 60-day campaign will do just that before the primary.

Abbot’s goal

He aims to get Hispanic voters onboard. Abbot will go all out with a state-wide media blitz that has been scheduled for Monday

The campaign’s objective is to gain a big turnout in the primary. Logically working Abbot way of getting the voters to come in for the primary to see the gains in the general election. His political advisor Dave Carney has told the Texas Tribune reporters.

The Governor had to get through a nominating contest within his party with several critics. However, Abbot has publicly ignored his challengers and dived headlong in the prep for the campaign he is about to undertake. His focus has been the general election and how to get voters on his side. Abbot is keeping his sights on the third term win.

Abbot’s rival, former state senator Don Huffines of Dallas, has a self-funded campaign. He has spent millions of dollars for his campaign and aired TV ads on prime time during a Dallas Cowboys Game, which was reported on SpotOn Texas.

Gaining Hispanic votes

Abbot will clearly put forward his vision for the next four years in his next scheduled campaign meet, conducted at the Hispanic Leadership Summit on Saturday. He aims to enhance his favorability among the Hispanic voters and increase the margin of support from 44% he received last time around.

The media buy is said to go over $1million for Abbot’s campaign trail, as reported by