Texas Infusion Centers In Trouble As The Omicron Treatment Witnesses A Halt

Several infusion centers in Texas have a shortage of a monoclonal antibody vital for the omicron variant. The antibody named Sotrovimab is most crucial for the effective treatment of the virus. The infusion centers have run out of stock due to the national shortage.

The federal government will have to provide an adequate antibody supply to the infusion centers as quickly as possible. The centers will have a hard time ahead as they will have to contend with the shortage until the next supply arrives. Kxan reports that DSHS  will continue to provide health support to the patients coming through the health care providers.

Texas Infusion Centers In Trouble As The Omicron Treatment Witnesses A Halt

Many Antibodies Are Ineffective Against The New Variant

The department’s report suggests that there are many monoclonal antibodies, but none but Sotrovimab is effective against the omicron variant. The data shows that more than 90% of the new cases involve omicron. The primary factor behind the inefficiency of the antibodies against the new variant is the mutation in the genetic framework. The experts say that omicron contains a dozen mutations, and the antibodies cannot attack the virus. The Washington Post reported on December 16 that political leaders are responsible for the decrease in the rate of antibody therapies as they don’t allow the packages to reach their destination in due time.

The Cases Are Increasing Rapidly

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that the omicron is responsible for most cases across the country. The graph of the omicron infections witnessed a six-fold increase within a week. The Food and Drug administration authorized two pills to treat the coronavirus. The manufacturers of the pills are Pfizer and Merck. The federal government will provide the supplies of both medicines to ensure quick and effective treatment of the patients.

Texas will receive 4,240 and 19,800 pills of Pfizer and Merck, respectively, by December. DSHS has encouraged individuals infected with the virus to remain open about their treatment ways. The department has requested the individuals to get vaccinated and take the booster shots if eligible. Proper care and precaution are essential in containing the spread of the omicron variant.