See The Latest Covid-19 Numbers In Texas As An Omicron Surge Looms

The unprecedented rise in the COVID-19 infections after the detection of the omicron variant has wreaked havoc among the public. The citizens fight a challenging war of life and death against the deadly and advanced variant of the virus.

The increase in the number of patients is due to the inefficiency of vaccines against the mutated genetic structure of omicron. The vaccinations are the only cushion for the people against the virus. Texas Tribune reports that 19.2 million people have received the first dose of vaccines, roughly 65.8% of the Texas population. Out of them. 16.4 million people are fully vaccinated, 56.1% of the total population.

Vaccination Updates: Get The Latest Data On The COVID-19 Vaccinations In Texas

Citizens Aged Five Or More Are Eligible

The booster shots provide enhanced immunity against the virus. At present, 4.4 million people in Texas have received booster shots; this makes 14.9% of the total population. The government has provided 38.6 million shots overall to the residents. The vaccination program in Texas was initiated in December 2020 when the government supplied the first shipment of vaccines. The texas government has allowed the vaccination for people who are 5 or older. The individuals getting Pfizer and Moderna get two doses, while those receiving Johnson& Johnson require only one dose. Individuals aged 16 or more can get a booster dose after the complete vaccination.

The health experts suggest that vaccination is essential for prevention against the covid-19 virus. The citizens who are not vaccinated yet should take the vaccines as quickly as possible. The data shows that 93% of the texas population are above five and are eligible to be vaccinated. The individuals who suffered from the virus earlier should also get vaccinated. The scientists and researchers are yet to provide conclusive inference on the immunity of the earlier covid patients.

Many Individuals Risk Their Lives Due To Mistrust

The Texas program is plagued with several difficulties. The rural population does not have access to proper healthcare facilities and vaccines. The evidence suggests that several individuals hesitate to get vaccinated to the lack of trust in the government. Other factors lead to the enlarging of the health of certain sections of the population. The government started the vaccination programs in the decreasing order of age groups.