Covid Cases Have Doubled: More Texans Testing Positive

The US has recorded the highest number of Covid-19 cases compared to other countries across the globe. Texas has also borne the brunt of the rise in cases. According to the World Health Organisation, all the variants seemed to have hit the country with maximum impact.


Many parts of the US are being hit. The authorities have tried to contain the new variant by banning flights or isolating the travelers who have traveled to infected nations. But cases have come up with people who have had no travel history carrying the omicron variant.

Spread of the variant

The Texas Medical center has released data wherein the daily caseload has increased more than two times, making it apparent that there can be another wave. Health experts blame the omicron variant for the Covid-19 surge in people.

With the omicron variant joining the pandemic situation, the risk has doubled. There is scientific evidence of this variant spreading faster than the delta variant. Texas reportedly had 2000 cases a day to 5000 now. 

Research is still on to see how effective the vaccine is for the new variant. Texan health experts have been advised to take the variant seriously and watch out for further mutation? Those who have already been doubly vaccinated are advised to take the booster dose as a precautionary measure.

Advice on safety measures

The quarantine period and testing have increased, and people must follow stricter protocols while traveling. The surge in numbers is alarming and the number of cases is growing by the day. New statistics show how the US is leading in the number of infections.

The omicron variant is highly contagious, and the reproduction rate average has risen from 1.58 to 1.87. Texan health experts have cautioned the public not to let their guard down and follow all safety measures of wearing masks and following the social distancing norms. Getting vaccinated is crucial and the public is advised to do so.